Fié is an interdisciplinary artist (aka the odd one out who doesn’t fit into any one category & definitely not your standard art market product).

She’s the kind of artist who loves connecting people through participatory art, gets really excited by tactile materials that can be sculpted on the body and has fun making experimental films that are intense and you know, make people feel, like actually feel something from deep within.

She exhibits her art in the most unlikely spaces (that often attract security who doesn’t believe in the value of a public space) and also because art needs to be engaging the public (beyond just museums and galleries) and stay relevant.

img_4305 She also designed for theatre and films in costume and set.

In 2017, she set up INSEP (International Network for Socially Engaged Practitioners) which brings together people around the world in the field of socially engaged practices to share projects and initiatives. It is also a platform for discussion in various topics like community engagement, financial independence, sustainability and ethics.

Fié can be very impulsive sometimes, like back in 2018 when she moved to France with a suitcase and no concrete plans, determined to make INSEP work. She ended up working in the third sector on various projects including several European projects across the region while being based in France. She spent these years researching into community building, sustainability, alternative economies, systems change, Theory U, co-ops, sacred economy and the future of work. She conducted workshops on these topics in France and the UK through Onions Talk, which she founded in 2019.

in search of hope still2

Awakened by the realisation of our impending environmental doom, she left France with the gloom of the climate crisis heavy on her shoulders. She embarked on a long travel in North America in 2020 in search of innovative change making practices (some form of hope to hold on to) and spent a couple of months learning organic farming and permaculture in the Canadian countryside (while Covid turned everyone’s world upside down and she couldn’t film her documentary in Japan).

Onions Talk podcast bannerShe started a podcast on hope and change making to share conversations with change makers she met over the years and in her travel.

Fié performed and showed her works at Royal Albert Hall, Battersea Arts Centre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017, London Design Festival 2016, Field Day 2016, Platform Theatre, Central Saint Martins, Old Trewman Brewery, Camberwell Art Festival, Lethaby Gallery, Apiary Studio, London Canal Festival, Prague Quadrennial.

She worked on various design projects including DISNEY (costume) for the publicity of the Beauty and the Beast film, LUMIERE LONDON 2016 in collaboration with artist Mick Stephenson (project Litre of Light), costumes and sets for various theatre productions (SOHO Theatre, Arcola Theatre, The Place, Pleasance theatre etc), Jack Irving’s costumes (Berlin Alternative fashion week 2016), Brave New World (Drama Centre London; toured in Moscow).

She has also spoken at Social Innovation Canada’s National Social R&D Gathering, Lincoln Centre’s Visioning Lab (New York), Night Life on CNA 938 (Singapore/radio), Creative Generation’s Why Change podcast and Social Innovation Exchange’s Final Symphony (London).  

She graduated with first class honours from Central Saint Martins BA (Hons) Performance Design and Practice and obtained a certificate of higher education at London College of Fashion.