The Reconnection Playground postcard

The Reconnection Playground postcard. Receive a postcard with someone else’s happy memory. This is a continuation of the memory exchange series in which happy memories were collected from all over the world at different participatory public interventions.

SGD4 each (including postage fee for Singapore). SGD4.5 each for postage overseas. Drop your name, order and destination address in contact form. (Payment checkout work in progress. Email for details of alternative payment methods.)

A3 SGD60. Additional delivery charges apply. SGD6 for Singapore address.

Millenial philosophy
To the ones too scared to change the system
So bloody tired
My empathy is not to be commodified.
Where dreamers can dream

A4 SGD30 each. Additional delivery charges apply. SGD6 for Singapore address.

Does work bring you joy?
What’s your life story that you’ll write?

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1 Reconnection playground postcard to Jane, 43 Malan Road, Singapore 44477

1 Reconnection playground postcard to Jack, 358 Camden Road, London, United Kingdom, E7 9TP

1 Be Present A5 to Mary, 44 Jiffa Street, Blk 459 #01-12, Singapore 29474

Payment checkout could have been easier but said artist is not good at coding and delivery to different addresses from a single order requires too much of a technical brain than what she can handle