The Other Side: Menon’s father – Book Keeper

After 5 years of incubation, I am finally publishing the first video of my docu-series! The Other Side was born after many, many conversations. It started off with me wanting to understand the violence of the Syrian war, my questioning of humanity, my research into the war in my family history and then many, many uncomfortable and emotional conversations I have had with my Japanese friends that got me to uncover various perspectives to the Japanese Occupation. I will spend the year travelling to interview and record various stories (do let me know if there is anyone you know who would like to share his or her account). This docu-series is not meant to provide a singular perspective but rather, all the other sides that exist as it is my attempt to understand the human behind each decision and experience. Here’s the first of the series, just in time to welcome 2020 (Yes! I made it before end of January!) Please help to share it if you liked it! A BIG, BIG, thank you to Menon for agreeing to do this interview and for checking all the edits before it’s published. Also, my deepest appreciation towards his mother, Mdm K.P.Madhavi Klitty, for wanting to take part in it even though she ended up too ill that day to be able to do the interview. Many thanks, Fié x