S1E3 The Other Side: Mercy

The Other Side Season 1 Episode 3 – Menon’s Story: Mercy. Were the Japanese merciful? Menon recounts his father’s personal stories during the Japanese Occupation. The Other Side was born after many, many conversations. It started off with me wanting to understand the violence of the Syrian war, my questioning of humanity, my research into the war in my family history and then many, many uncomfortable and emotional conversations I have had with my Japanese friends that got me to uncover various perspectives to the Japanese Occupation. This docu-series is not meant to provide a singular perspective but rather, all the other sides that exist as it is my attempt to understand the human behind each decision and experience. If you’d like to see more of this, please support the continuation of this series by donating. Donations will fund the purchase of a professional sound recorder and cover some of the costs involved in making this production.


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