If I’m a refugee, will you take me in?

battersea arts centre sally edited (2 of 2)battersea arts centre sally edited (1 of 2)

Performed at Battersea Arts Centre as part of Homegrown festival, 8 April 2017.

Sally carried the memories of refugees and volunteers at camps. This performance in particular was a social experiment to see the response of people in lieu of growing political tensions and xenophobia.

Many people came and went. They saw, they read but chose not to participate. However, some people started coming to me and gave me hugs. Of every ten people, about two approached me and said yes. Most of whom were young people who themselves have not much to offer. I gave everyone of them a hug and said thank you.

“YES YES YES Of course I will!”

“Of course! You can come every Sunday, I will make you tea, give you biscuits, you are welcomed anytime.”

“I don’t have much at home, just a tiny room but I’ve got a sofa in the living room! You can have it.”

“I don’t have anywhere I can house you in my place but I will definitely take you in if i do.”

Surprisingly, most of the ones who read my sign and walked away were older people with significantly more stability and financial powers.

Move the heart of the people and you’d move the stone of politics. We need to spread love, spread kindness and one day we will eventually reach a solution that is welcoming and warm, not isolating and cold-hearted. But it needs to first start from positive thoughts and love, from each and everyone of us.


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