Toby Time at Field Day 2016


Toby Time is a participatory art that allows members of the public to enter Toby and share a happy or sad memory. They then put the memories into Happy Memories Box or Bad Memory Eraser Box respectively. If they have written a bad memory, they get to pick a memory out from the Happy Memory Box.

Toby is essentially a representative of everyone’s façade, a mask we all put on in everyday lives. We only see the colourful, confident and self assured side of everybody outside but not the vulnerabilities and all its struggles within. The idea for Toby started off with Hiding Vulnerability, which is why everyone is invited to enter Toby and have an intimate, personal space within that is comfortable and secure. No one can intrude and everyone is free to feel vulnerable within.

Some mistakes are bigger than the rest, some memories darker and more difficult to erase. But life is always balanced with happiness of equal intensity. Let the glow and light of the sunshine in us melt the bad and dark away. 🙂

(Performance in collaboration with Tom Coates and Will Thomas. Costumes by Camille Smith. Photos by Linda Zagidulina.)

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