Karagula. Pigdog Productions in association with SOHO theatre.

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Costume and Set Assistant.

Photos by telegraph.co.uk, the upcoming.co.uk, exeuntmagazine.com


After Independence, Arcola Theatre

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★★★★ May Sumbwanyambe’s notable debut play, presented by those remarkable unearthers of new talent, Papatango.
—Evening Standard
★★★★ A debut of astonishing maturity…a rare discovery
—The Times
★★★★ A strong debut…Passionate performances
—Plays To See
★★★★ Beautifully crafted…Echoes of Chekhov
—Hackney Gazette
Highly intelligent and thoughtful…A writer of terrific potential.
—Daily Telegraph

Set painting, 2016

Images from Arcola Theatre

Toby Time at Field Day 2016


Toby Time is a participatory art that allows members of the public to enter Toby and share a happy or sad memory. They then put the memories into Happy Memories Box or Bad Memory Eraser Box respectively. If they have written a bad memory, they get to pick a memory out from the Happy Memory Box.